A Little About Myself

Hi there. I’m Craig Pickerill and I’m the filmmaker behind this site, and yes I have a sweet beard (thanks for noticing). I have been working in the entertainment industry since 2004 and have loved everyday of it (well, most days). Like a lot people in my field I started at the bottom, a good ol’ Production Assistant, than assistant editor and before I knew it I was running production and post production teams and overseeing projects of all sizes and budgets.
I have worked on 100s of projects with dozens of clients over my career and I have found my strongest heart and passion lives in Documentary and Short Form Narrative filmmaking. I grew up on movies like Star Wars (the original trilogy), Indiana Jones, Endless Summer II, Super Size Me, The Big Lebowski as well as video games. The power stories have on people long after they are done experiencing them has always left me in awe.
Like most kids growing up with comics, I always dreamed about being a super hero, what would it be like to help those in need, stand up for those with out a voice AND just have FUN with whatever powers I was given because let be honest, even super heroes had fun with their powers. Unfortunately no radioactive insects or genetic mutations came into my life BUT storytelling did. I found a way to reach people, give those with no platform a voice and most of all have fun in the process.
Not all stories have to be deep and philosophical and not all adventure and entertainment has to be shallow, it just needs to have soul and wonder in whatever form that takes. I believe stories have the chance to make us more courageous, more alive, more loving an give us the freedom to dream.


Think Big, Have Fun

To dream without limitations allows us to expand what’s truly possible in this world. Passions lead us to create and inspire those around us. I want to be surrounded by people who not only share a vision, but can see humor in all things real or imagined. Finding joy in the absurdity of life is just as much a part of thinking big as it is working hard. People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Demand Excellence

Demanding excellence is an important value for myself. Asking people to dream big without delivering on the vision can carry the unintended consequence of producing pie-in-the-sky expectations without anything to show for it. In all productions there will always be obstacles on the way to achieving the objective but being able to find a way around, over or even through them to give the best product possible is my mission for every project.

Pursue Growth & Learning

Every project has a new obstacle or at least a variation of an old one, some new experience, something to take away from and learn from. Pursuing growth creates momentum, which encourages more growth and allows every project to be elevated to a new level it wouldn’t have reached with out. When you make growth a priority and pursue it in small, intentional ways every single day, it can make a world of difference.

Give Back

Think Globally, Act Locally. 
Whether it is through a charity, events or giving my own time and talents I am a huge believer in giving back and helping out in our communities and the world (as a whole). I believe that the measure of a person’s life is the affect they have on others and the impact they leave behind.


My Process

Direct Communication

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    I believe honest and direct communication is the best approach. I have been entrusted with your project and believe everyone should not only be on the same page but you should know what is happening and why.

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    When meeting with my clients, it is important to set clear directives about what we hope to achieve in the discussion, so participants know their roles and come prepared, keeping meetings productive and valuable.

Milestones & Deadlines

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    One important step that is easily overlooked is setting up a realistic timeline. Setting dates in order to ensure we have allocated enough time to complete each phase of the production process is crucial to every project. Milestones exist to help us plan the various steps we need to take to complete your project and helps reduce the stress related to last-minute rushing to complete the project.

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    Every project has it’s own speed bumps and changes along the way but the more we can plan for murphy’s law the better we can adapt and reduce the stress that comes along with those hurdles and the deadline we are running towards.

The 7 Ps of Production

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    I do not claim to have created the 7 P’s of Production, but I do follow it:
    “Piss Poor Preproduction Produces Piss Poor Production, the latter being undesirable and very avoidable.” Both of the previous steps also bleed into the post process which isn’t the magic “fix all” people treat it as.

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    “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
    -A. Lincoln

Post Production & Final Delivery

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    Editorial, Graphics, Sound, Color Grading and more make up the Post Production process. The clearer the vision in preproduction and the planning form production allows this phase to run as smoothly as possible as we work to make your vision come to life.

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    What is the final products destination, is it for broadcast, streaming, youtube? What are the delivery specs needed? All these are discussed before starting post production so when it comes to final delivery your project is ready to use as needed in the highest quality.